India may soon introduce Visa on Arrival for tourists from 180 countries


VISA on arrival in India

India Travel VISA on arrival

A country known for hassle in obtaining VISAs is soon going to introduce VISA on arrival facility for over 180 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada and most of the European union. The move is introduced to boost the travelers coming into India. The tourism sector in India faces a recession due to less number of travelers opting the country on account of considering it unsafe to travel and assuming it to be hassle prone.

The scheme is scheduled to be rolled out in month of October when the next travel season begins. The current process takes anywhere between 1-2 weeks and involves giving the passport to Indian embassy but the new process would be much simpler. The new process would involve travelers filling the form online and paying the VISA fee. The VISA would be ready within 3 days and be available at any of the 26 Major airports in India to be picked up on arrival. The passport would be valid for 30 Days of travel within the country.

The above process would not only be beneficial for the travelers but give a boost to falling inbound tourism Industry in India.

India, known for its luxury India tours will get a big boost.


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