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India adventure tours

Why is India one of the hottest places for an adventure seeking tourist? Because it offers a heart-thumping variety of the tallest mountain ranges, the widest seaside sceneries, the most ravishing rivers, the bluest lagoons, the largest landscapes, the thickest forests, the scariest jungles, the greenest gardens, the narrowest walkways, the rarest and loveliest flora and fauna, the loneliest watering holes, rarest cuisines, best luxury hotels – all this at unexpected twists and turns of a town, on-the-go, and at the nook and corner of an ancient yet modernist country. The topography is as varied as a magician’s bag of tricks, and the opportunities available for adventures are thirteen to a dozen, be it trekking, fishing, rafting, cycling, safaris (camel, jeep, elephant), joy rides (on a tonga, tuk-tuk, rickshaws), winter skiing, etc.

Bespoke India Holidays’s Luxury India Tour trekking expeditions are carefully handpicked and comprise the best of what is in store, for both the hardy as well as the softly endowed. A lazy contemplative walk in the sleepy foothills of Ladakh, a tough uphill climb to the skies in the Himalayan Valley, for the hale and hearty, or a mix of both alongside natural slopes in the monasteries of Sikkim or the hills of HP and Uttaranchal, you can take your trek, the way you want it.

It is a like a walk through history, through landscapes frozen for posterity by a mysterious cosmic plan that even the adventurous minded cannot fathom. Eg: In the high altitude Himalayan region, try to make sense of the natural formation of wooded hills, and rocks that tell a story that is perhaps a millennium old! Also, hear the fairy tales (they could be true!) of the locals who insist sages who are hundreds and hundreds of years old live inside the Himalayan slopes! Savor the taste of the enchanting Himalayan teas, the mountain range cuisine, the spiritual atmosphere, and the quaint valleys and villages that pop out of the ground, unseen till you step on them. Mountain bikers in the Himalayas on remote and rough roads in variable weather enjoy a gift of the purest air, the coolest breeze and spectacular view of the landscape on-the-bend. Also, Asia’s finest ski slopes in Gulmarg, Kufri and Shimla mushroomed in a wide range of alpine forests and especially, Auli, the world’s second highest ski resort, will take the skiing buffs to the seventh skies!

For flower-power, look no further than the world famous Valley of Flowers, where you are tempted to steal some time to smell the flowers, and learn about the rich bio-diversity of India from native poachers-turned-tour guides.

For those who thirst for life on the riverside, fishing, in River Kali, and Rishikesh, white water rapids down the river Zanskar, kayaking and rafting in Beas river in HP, or a weekend on the River Brahmaputra, or Cauvery River, will whet the appetite perhaps to the point of ….indigestion!

In the remote parts of Ladakh, Kumaon, Rajasthan, take a detour of the tantalizing landscape along old caravan routes, and passes, in a safari – on a jeep, elephant (in jungles), a camel (in deserts) or a coracle (in Kerala and backwaters of rivers).

Every great adventure in life begins with a small step. Begin that journey with your New Best Friend from India – Nature. Thoughtfully gift-wrapped and presented to you by Bespoke India Holidays.

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