If nature is the only thing you need to recuperate, backpack to Wayanad for a “natural” boot-camp in a tree-house. Experience a remix of your life and the elements playing in the background to Nature’s very own symphony.
Everything abut a tree-house experience is virgin, untouched, unexplored and unbelievably real. Everything is drawn from nature. Instead of a concrete jungle of brick and mortar, you are circled by pepper and cardamom plantations; the highways and flyovers give way to a tropical rainforest; instead of the smell of smoke and fuel, you have scented blossoms; the Otis elevator is but a relic of the future and no match for the indigenous cane lift; likewise a hanging rope bridge connects the trees and not cement bridges that have zero adventure value; the vegetables and fruits are not from Wal-Mart, but organically grown; the source of power is not electricity, but solar, and gobar gas from cow dung,; kerosene-lit lamps and sunlight are your source for light, and last but not the least, the sights, smells, and sounds of an extraordinary range and bewildering variety of bees, trees, mosses, plants, butterflies and birds, flora and fauna, domesticated and wild, in place of the humdrum and the oh-so-artificial TV and Saturday Night Live.
Welcome to the true, Reality Show, presented by Nature @ Wayanad, with You as the protagonist.
When you take out time to relax in the lap of nature, in the heart of a tropical green forest, and hear the birds sing from a height of 80 feet, you get an idea of what it is to escape from the grind and “elope” with nature. This is your hideaway no one can take away from you.
The very entry to the tree-house is dramatic. An indigenous cane lift – actually large cane baskets acting as a suspension bridge connecting two trees – takes you to your Tree-House, which is 86 feet above the ground. The tree-houses are surrounded by swathes of coffee, tea, pepper and cardamom plantations, enveloping you in a huge carpet of green. The tree houses are made of wood, coir mats, hay straws, bamboo poles and built in a cottage style, and are well equipped with modern facilities and amenities like beds, bathrooms with running water and shower. Every room is a room with a view, with an attached balcony which opens out to a world of green and envious world.
While the tree-house experience gives you ample food for thought, you can also look forward to some equally exciting menu on the plate. A richly varied North Kerala cuisine, cooked in organic kitchens, using vegetables and fruits grown in organic farms, in traditional ways going to centuries old practices, served on banana leaves, and not shining china, and eaten using your hands, and not forks and knives, makes for an unforgettable culinary treat. These local treats are not easily forgotten.
After a scrumptious king’s meal, if you’re a trifle worried about your triglyceride count, take a break, and choose from a wide array of walking trails each promising a new adventure, each promising something new and something different. These trails are uniquely developed, so as to retain the cornucopia, even while giving you a taste of the sights, smells, and sounds of the foresty habitat. Here, you can climb, hike, observe hundreds of varieties of flora and fauna, the richly verdant and exuberant vegetation, smell the scented blossoms, see the exhilaratingly flamboyant butterflies and birds, and feast over a bird’s eye view of acres and acres of greenery, chilly winds, quiet nights and the thrill of being on top of the world. You can also go for trekking with your guide or explore the surrounding areas such as Pookode lake, where you can go for boating and Muthanga, where you can catch an eyeful of the taming and training of wild elephants.
The view from the balcony of your tree-top room is not always about birds, bees, and butterflies. You could spot for instance the runaway sambar, wild boars, elephants and more.
Living with the birds on treetops, is the closest one can get to nature. And the best way to experience Wayanad is – to do nothing. Sometimes, laziness has its own reward. But only when you are on a tree-top.

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