Taj Lake Palace – Luxury India Hotel in Udaipur

Taj Lake Palace

The renowned Taj Lake Palace is arguably the most exotic hotel in Udaipur City. The super luxurious hotel with a five-star rating is the ideal place to spend your days on a luxury India tour. Not only do our guests feel honoured to be part of the timeless Indian culture, but also find their stay to be a very comfortable and relaxing one. Constructed especially as a palace for the summer, the hotel features beautiful white marble that exude the rich heritage of Rajasthan. The hotel is surrounded by water on all four sides, making for a serene location that enables you to bask in nature’s enchanting beauty.

There is no shortage of luxuries at the Taj Lake Palace as the hotel and our staff provide every service that ensures our guests have the time of their lives! The wonderful gardens in the area look like they’ve come straight out of a fairy tale. Standing on a quarter-millennium old ground, the hotel is considered to be one of the most romantic ones anywhere on the planet. The palace is distinctive and features historical details of the rulers, kings and princes that left their mark on Indian history.

Bask in Nature’s Eternal Beauty at the Taj Lake Palace

The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur City features several other scintillating views of majestic marble pillars, intricate paintings from the old days and creative glass artefacts. With a total of 83 rooms to boast, the hotel is second to none in terms of offering luxuries and services behind each room’s doors. Tourists can also avail one of seventeen world class suites, each of which features a terrace and a lily pond, making tranquillity the order of the day while viewing some truly gorgeous sights. State of the art comfort and luxury with immediate access to a host of vintage cars, banquet halls, meeting rooms, secretarial services, internet, laptops and copiers make the Taj Lake Palace perfect for any kind of luxury India tour.

The romantic atmosphere at the Taj Lake Palace is ideal for newly-weds and couples in love. Candle-lit dinners by the lily ponds are thoroughly enjoyed by our guests. Whether you’re looking for a getaway with a loved one, or interested in familiarising yourself with the legends of Indian culture, the Taj Lake Palace has a little something for everyone. Family vacations with kids are also popular in the region. With a fine blend of simplicity and luxury, few places can match the ambience and the quality of services at the Taj Lake Palace.
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