Samode Palace – Luxury Heritage Hotel.

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Samode Palace – Luxury India Hotels

Samode Palace

Before the headlines, here is some breaking news:
Somewhere in Rajasthan, lies a touristy spot that gives a touch and feel of things that are three thousand million years old.

If Samode Hotels in Jaipur need a pitch, this should be it: Samode, nestled among the Aravali ranges, a very old formation of banded gneiss that date back to 3000,000,000 years old. You can include this hotel in your luxury india tour to India with Bespoke at attractive prices.

Samode Hotels in Rajasthan, the Indian State of kings and palaces, is for the exclusive tourist community who harbor a bias towards the very best in the world. And here’s the headlines: Samode Palace, the world’s 5th best hotel (Times, London), Samode Haveli in the all-time Top 20 list (Sunday Times), and in Tatler’s 101 World’s Best Hotels, and rated the Best Heritage hotel in the country, for 5 consecutive years.

Samode’s secret recipe for success is derived not from the management gurus of hospitality industry, but from the millennia-old Indian culture and tradition, which equates a guest with god.

Samode’s three world class luxury heritage hotels, viz. Samode Palace, Samode Haveli and Samode Bagh, offer world class hospitality standards with an indigenous touch, in a remote but royal setting, and personalized service that is the trademark of Rajathani customs.

You can’t make history without your own page in history in the first place. Samode too has a rich history behind it. For the first half of its existence Samode Palace was little more than a fortified stronghold in the rugged Rajput town. But in early 19th century under Rawal Berisal, a future Chief Minister of Jaipur, the castle began to take on the lavish aspects it is now known for. In 1987, Samode Palace was transformed into one of the country’s premium palace hotels styled after the Rajput-Moghul architecture. A progression of courtyards at different levels leads guests from public to private areas, and each courtyard holds its own charm. A perfect example of Rajput/Mughal architecture, this exquisite 150-year-old Palace features the most beautiful frescos and mirror work, which have been superbly restored to bring together elements of contemporary style, functionality and luxury with traditional Rajasthani influence and design.

Samode’s rooms and suites are a visual splendor, each with a balcony or patio, and decorated in warm colors and textures of local Rajasthani hand block prints and adorned with traditional artifacts. The interiors speak eloquently through intricate marble work and woodwork. High ceilings, marble floorings, cotton woven rugs, durries, antiques and aesthetically carved four-poster beds round up the luxury nicely.

For those who prefer a royal edge to their holiday, check out Samode’s royal suites complete with a private courtyard, Jacuzzi, fire place, LD/CD player, et al.

Samode has been created to celebrate life’s special moments, blending comfort and luxury, modern and tradition. Marriages, honeymoon, anniversaries, birthdays, family get-togethers, parties, social dos, or whatever, you could make your own occasion here.

Samode also packs in lots of surprises for the venturesome. Like an elephant polo in its premises. Cocktails and dinner in sand dunes with langas (musicians) singing in the background. Poolside parties. Theme lunches and evenings with traditional music, song ‘n dance, giving you a taste of the local cultures as well as the days of Royal India A Darbar evening that takes you back to the days of the Maharajas. Village theme and lunch, barbeque dinners. Safaris – camel, jeep and horse -with lunch on-the-go. A poolside fitness centre, sauna, steam and changing rooms, and herbal oil massage from the Kerala Ayurvedic Centre.

For chill outs, Samode offers you a generous dose of Royal Rajasthan, with some of the finest Rajasthani cuisine and an exotic mix of Asian and European cuisine, and of course, the world’s best drinks.

Flip over and you find Samode Haveli, billed as the “only FIT (Free Individual Traveler) Hotel”, with its understated luxury, antique furniture, furnishings and original work-of-art, celebrating traditional values and gracious living.

A small drive away from Samode Palace, is Samode Bagh, a Garden Resort where you can shack up in a luxury tent, and enjoy a game of lawn tennis or shuttle. Evenings are for puppet and cultural shows, and night cap along a log fire, with some quiet moments at the beautiful Sultan Mahal, an antique silver furniture palace.

Samode’s USP (among the several it boasts of) is its ability to rekindle ….romance. After a completely secluded and totally private, candlelit dinner in one of the terraces at Samode Bagh, you are sure to rediscover your love pangs.
Maybe a caution advisory is in place: A day spent in one of the tents in Samode Haveli might make you feel you are transported back in time to the 16th century….

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