Luxury Tours to India

Luxury Tour to India

India is a country with rich cultural heritage and beautiful places to see. If you are looking for a luxurious destination for your next vacation, why not India? The country has got everything; a traveller looks for on a luxury vacation. Let’s explore the country more.

Luxury India Tours

Tour to India in Luxury

India – at a glance

Work hard, party harder is the theme that needs to be followed in times like today where stress has taken over the better part of our lives. The hectic lifestyle and the cut throat competition in day to day life has encroached upon the simple pleasures of life making it essential to take a break and soak your soul in a laid back holiday, pampering yourself with the best life can offer. There is nothing like a relaxed and indulgent holiday to unwind and bounce back rejuvenated, with an infectious smile and loads of energy. Luxury tours India have a variety of options that entice you and compel you to come again.

India is a country that boasts of an amalgamation of traditions with modernity, the rich inheritance of culture is evident in the lavishness, with which hospitality is extended to tourists. Bringing the best from the bouquet of alternative therapies, the spiritual spas in the foothills of mountains have of late been attracting tourists.

The 5 star luxuries with priceless scenic beauty, yoga and natural beauty treatments sooth those overworked muscles. You can de-stress your senses, calm your nerves and sedate your body while enjoying luxury tours India. Your choice of a destination more or less depends on the aim of your holiday, the show goes on, and there are times when you cannot ignore work even when you are away!

If you wish to involve business with holiday then it is better to choose a top end hotel in the centre of city where you also get to enrich your wardrobe with designer dresses if you happen to be in the fashion capital, Delhi. Mumbai, being the financial capital, is a natural choice of corporates. The busy and urban lifestyle of both the metropolitan cities though, would not compromise on the opulence and luxury side of your holiday.

Bengaluru and Hyderabad, the cyber cities of India boast of organized, well planned city structure that ensures a peaceful stay with world class facilities. The south Indian cultures tend to preserve their marked distinctions clearly although they might seem to be same outwardly.

The hilsa-rohu curry with rice, in Kolkata compels many to feast on its dishes. Laid back holidays in the backwaters of Kerala, in the mangroves, where you get to catch fish for your dinner on a houseboat and the pampering by special Kerala oil massage that brings a divinely glow, the richness of indulgence makes you feel at the top of the world. Even the pilgrimage holidays in Kashmir or Tirupathy offer you to be the one in command, with facilities that are at par with international standards.

Whether it is coastal holidays at Goa or royal holidays at Udaipur, luxury tours India defined is a unique experience with rooms done in traditional themes with a variety of national and international cuisines to soak the taste buds and in the exclusive recreation that introduces the rustic culture.
Click here for a detailed itinerary. The experience of sampling the goodness provided by a luxury holiday in India lets you feel like a king, with the world at your command, hoping for this journey to continue forever. It is the simple and natural flavour of life served with the finest facilities available that go a long way to make your holidays memorable.

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