Kumbalangi Village Tour in Kochi

Feel the natural beauty at its best with your stay at Kumbalangi Village which is located on the outskirts of Cochin – in beautiful state of Kerala, India. This beautiful village has now turned into a traveller’s paradise has received honour with the Union Government including it among top 15 model tourist destinations in the country!

This eco-friendly tourist village in India has numerous home-stay options for you to make you feel like home. You can simply enjoy the backwaters right sitting in your balcony.  The Kumbalanghi tourism scheme is also recently introduced to ensure the growth of tourism. They also ensure that the revenue obtained should reach the villagers and benefit the village itself. For this, about 20 home-stays are operating here to ensure your comfortable stay!

Once you enter this village, you have many activities awaiting for you. You can enjoy taking a dip in Kumbalangi backwaters of Kerala. It is seen that nearly 5000 foreign tourists visit this village very year. Apart from this, you can enjoy fishing activity. This artist’s village even displays handicrafts and fishing equipment. Mangroves are nurtured here as well as fish farming. Bait fishing is highly recommended activity to be done.It is truly feast for our eyes to see Chavittu Natakom, Margom Kali, Kai Kottikkali, Paricha Muttu Kali etc which are some of the traditional art and dance forms performed by the people of Kumbalangi village.

It’s now time for fulfil your appetite. The Kumbalanghi cuisine is known for its spicy and delicious food. They believe in not only fulfilling your appetite but also making it a point to serve you with healthy food. Coconut milk rice, Egg Kuzhalappam, Porichunda, Ari unda, Kallappam, , Fish dishes, Crab fry, prawns dishes, Chiratta Puttu with Potti curry, Kakka fry, Tapioca with Karimeen are some of the traditional and tasty Kumbalangi dishe . Mouth-watering isn’t it? The chef ensures that the food prepared is with less use of oil, less artificial additives and more of natural herbs, spices and coconut. If this is your first visit, you will experience the traditional style of eating the food in banana leaf. Chef at Kumbalangi village believes that your meal is incomplete without the cocumnut water. So at the end of your meal, you will be served with tender coconut water which serves as a refreshing nutritious serving as a thirst quencher.

We are sure that the magical village experiences of Kumbalangi village in luxury India Tours will be cherished for lifetime!

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