Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda

It’s an irony of the times we live in, which is little appreciated, though taken for granted: Alternative medicine is today main-stream and not in the margins of healthcare. And leading the revolution is Ayurveda, the therapy divined by the gods themselves, sanctioned by Vedic texts, and perfected to a scientific practice, in – where else? – God’s own country, aka, Kerala.

Every region has its own symbol. America symbolizes freedom, and likewise, Kerala, Ayurveda. No trip to Kerala is complete without experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of an Ayurcare, just like how one cannot imagine a Paris tourist giving a miss to the Eiffel Towers.

If Health tourism is today gaining by leaps and bounds in popularity, it is mainly because of the magic and mystery of Ayurveda packaged in a Keralan holiday. Indeed, we have come a long way from the time when the backwaters experience in Kerala was touted as an ideal holiday, to the point where it is projected as an ideal health destination. The sales pitch has been tweaked a wee little, to showcase Kerala as the source of good health and fine living, thanks to the wisdom of gods, sages, and saints, handed down a millennia ago to this blessed land.

Can a health hub really be the destination for a holiday of your life? To truly understand this, we need to change the way we think …of the healing process. Healing sickness, we have always thought, is about recuperating in a hospital. And not even the best hospital in the world can lay claim to being the choice of stay. Ever heard of a patient falling in love with the confines of his hospital? Here’s where the history of healthcare turns a page, and reveals a dramatic twist.

To be cured in a new way, based on centuries old medicinal science, in a new place that revels in its seaside and backwaters, and ENJOY the rest and recuperative process, is not what you have not thought possible. Now, an Ayurveda tour of Kerala makes the impossible, possible. Kerala’s backwaters experience as a therapy, has always pushed the envelope, has always raised the bar, and has always worked up its magic.

If Kerala’s backwaters and beaches are spiritual food for the soul, Ayurcare is the cure for the material ills. Some of its therapies like Rasaayana and Vajeekarana have special relevance in the modern era. It cleanses the body totally, and regains the active mind to its optimum working level, thus making you feel totally rejuvenated.
Few people know that Ayurveda is the father of plastic surgery. This ancient therapy paved the way for surgical innovations including organ transplants.
Several Ayurvedic treatises are renowned for their erudition in healthcare. For example, the Maadhava Nidaana is a handbook on pathology, while books like Cakradatta, Yoga Ratnaakara and Bhaishajya Ratnavali deal with therapeutics. The now world famous Panchakarma treatment is renowned for its ability to successfully treat even incurable diseases. Panchakarma is a holistic therapy treatment based on five operative procedures, viz. Emesis, Purgation, Oil enema, Decoction enema and Errhines.

Ayurveda physicians in Kerala also offer customized special treatments to suit the needs of patients, such as various irrigation therapies and fomentation combined with synchronized massage. Pizhiccil and Navara kizhi are two of the many Kerala specialties used in rejuvenation therapy and the best way to de-stress naturally.

A day of treatments like herbal massage, steam bath, yoga, will work like a magic tonic and inspire you to regain your ideal health.

Ayurcare runs the entire gamut of ailments and treatments: Body slimming programs, paralysis, weight loss, anti-ageing, yoga & meditation, detoxification, rejuvenation therapies, medicated herbal powder and medicated herbal oil massages, diet of herbal juices, hair care, herbal face pack, herbal oil massage, herbal tea, and much, much more.

Caution: An Ayurveda tour of Kerala has a downside to it. If the goal is to feel fully rejuvenated at the end of the tour, you may have to keep off alcohol, tobacco and also follow a strict vegetarian diet. No pain, no gain! But all this austerity is worth every penny. And who knows, it may leave you changed for the better forever….

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