India Travel Tips

Visa and Passport:

VISA is mandatory for travel to India. You will need a passport (with a minimum of six months before expiration) and a VISA to travel to India. India does not have VISA on arrival and hence you need to apply for VISA in your home countries. Obtaining India travel VISA is a hassle free process and should not take more than 7-10 days.  You can visit the following sites and get more information on obtaining India VISA

 Country   Website
 USA (Cox and Kings)

Medical Information

No compulsory inoculations/ vaccinations are required if you are arriving from the United States, Canada or Europe. If you are entering from Africa or parts of Latin America, certification of Yellow Fever vaccination is required.
Some parts of India have a Malaria problem but it is not very severe. Having an Anti-malarial medication is recommended before traveling to certain remote parts of India. We suggest you to consult your family physician/ doctor to get proper advise on any other medical help regarding travel to India.

India Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you purchasing travel insurance, as there are frequent changes in flight schedules and cancellations. We suggest you getting in touch with top travel insurance firms in local countries. Your banks can help you in getting the right insurance product for you.

Baggage allowance for internal flight

Baggage allowance for most internal flights is 20 KG per person plus a hand baggage allowance of 7 Kg per person. We request you to contact the airline or us for getting the right figure during the your India tour and travel as this may change.


We suggest you wearing light informal clothing during the India tour. In winters (October to March) the temperatures in North India get really cold and hence we would suggest you taking light woolens with you. The temperatures would vary during the day – in morning and evening the temperatures would be less and in the afternoon the temperatures would be hot – We hence suggest you to wear the woolens in layers so that you can remove or add them based on your comfort level.
For travel to Mumbai and Kerala woolens are not required as the weather is fairly pleasant for whole of the year.
Females should avoid wearing revealing attire as this may get unwanted stares and may make you feel uncomfortable

Useful Items to carry:

  • Passport and India travel VISA (needs to be obtained in advance)
  • Sufficient quantity of medications that you may have been prescribed. You may also carry OTC medications like painkillers etc.
  • Sunscreen lotions, facial tissue and face towels
  • Swimsuit, hat and sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Credit cards and other important financial items.

Financial Caution:

We suggest you not to carry heavy cash and credit cards during India tours sightseeing in crowded areas as some parts are known for pickpocket’s crime. We also would suggest you having the contact details of your credit card issuing bank – You can immediately call them and freeze the card in case you find it to be stolen.

Internet Access and Telephone SIM cards

Internet access is widely available in all hotels in India. Some hotels offer it free and others may charge for it – but it is not very expensive If you would want to obtain a local SIM card then you can contact our guide/ representative/ chauffeur/ emergency contact center – We will arrange a visit to the local service provider for obtaining the same (You will need a valid address proof like Passport and 2 photographs)


Voltage in India is 220V/50Hz. You will need to have transformers/ converters so that you can use your gadgets comfortably – We suggest you buying this in your home country or at the airport on arrival, as these are widely available there. Most of the hotels will provide you the same but it may not be available in some very remote hotels/ jungle resorts that you may visit during India travel

Tipping Guidelines:

Tipping in India is completely your prerogative but the general guidelines are as mentioned below:

  • Drivers: INR 150-300 per day.
  • Bell Boys: INR 50 per bag.
  • Restaurants: 5-15%
  • Guide: INR 200-500 per day