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India's rich history & culture makes it one of the primmest exotic destinations amid world tourism. It is a diverse, magical and exotic country that has so much to offer and we all have so much to see and feel.Exotic India has most adventure rewarding places to visit. Exotic India Tours includes dazzling beaches, dramatic temples, exotic rain forests, colossal mountains, eternal deserts, lively cities. These Indian points create an ultimate attraction for the travellers across the globe. Glowing and diverse in culture, heritage and language, India is presented with rich natural beauty that adds to its calmness.

The pleasing hill stations, the unique and heavenly traveller destinations, the perfect beaches, the immense deserts, historical buildings to contemporary structures and from snow-capped mountains to boat rides on the serene backwater yard. India is a land of opportunities for travellers who want to explore best of India.

Enjoy best EXOTIC INDIA holidays with your family or friends. Take the journey with our best Exotic India Tours package and experience this land through our eyes.There are so many Exotic destinations in India. Such as,

Exotic North India Tours : North India has somewhat for every traveller. There are many interesting tourist places and attractions in northern region of India which attract travellers from all over the world. There are many prominent hill stations in northern India. Cultural & heritage sites, pilgrimage places, magnificent monuments, forts & palaces, hill stations, adventure sports, wildlife sanctuaries & national parks. North India also consist amount of different destinations for adventurous activities to add thrill to your life.

  • Exotic Rajasthan Tours :

    Rajasthan is a Northern-west state of India. It is also known as 'Land of Rajputana', 'Royal Palaces'. It is a perfect romantic India enclosed in traditional Outfits. The major attractions in tourist are Handicrafts, Wild Life, Bird sanctuaries, puppet shows, traditional art and culture, architectural heritage, Havelis, Forts & Palaces, Temples, food preparations by 'Khansamas' i.e. the royal cooks inside the State palaces.

  • Exotic Manali Tours :

    Manali is hill station of northern India. It has proven as a dream destination for excursion. It is highly famous for mountaineering, skiing, Para gliding, rafting, mountain and many more. The soothing cool breeze of Manali adds to its greatness.Manali and the surrounding area are of great significance to Indian culture and heritage.

  • Exotic Uttarakhand Tours :

    Uttarakhand is one of the Himalayan states blessed with a number of pleasing hill stations, adventure and tour spots. There are a number of things to explore in it like its fascinating wildlife, snow-capped mountains, Hindu pilgrimage destinations, lush green valleys, its culture and traditions. Famous attractions in uttarakhand are Almora,Nainital,Rishikesh etc.

  • Exotic Kashmir Tours :

    Kashmir isalso called as a Heaven on Earth. It is a place where nature can be found in its most wonderful and wide forms. It is rich in geographical, historical and cultural heritage. Tourist visit Kashmir for its cool environs, valued for rich gifts of nature present here in the form of varied geographic entities that offer stunning views, adventure sporting avenues and having a closeness with the cultural elements such as music, dance, crafts, food, folklore and clothing.

Exotic South India Tours : South India needs no introduction. It is the heart of native India and its values. It covers the most beautiful places in India. South India is by sea from three sides. South India attracting tourists by many ways - Lakes, Falls, Reservoir, Beaches, Forts, Culture, Temples, Nature, Major Cities & Famous Hill Stations.

  • Exotic Goa Tours:

    Goa attracts tourists from around the world and India. Goasettles on the lavish green Konkan coast on the western coast of India. Goa is famous world over for its magnificent beauty and the architectural glories of massive forts. This exotic land is a mixture of various cultures and traditions. It is famous for its palm-fringed beaches, culinary delights and lively parties.ExoticGoa amazes everyone with its exciting lifestyle and hospitality that have made it the most popular tourist destination with travellers around the world.

  • Exotic Karnataka Tours:

    Karnataka state has some of the most outstanding, natural landscapes and exclusive rich cultural heritage and exceptionally marvellous waterfalls, ancient caves and temples. Karnataka holds its charm in the fascinating mix of tourist attractions which makes it favourite among tourists across the globe.

  • Exotic Tamil Nadu Tours:

    Tamil Nadu is the sole of the Dravidian culture and tradition. There are more than 30,000 temples in this state so that it is named as, "Land of Temples". Tamil Nadu provides the visitor with a wide variety of delicious food both for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarian. It is the ultimate destination. Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful beach resorts.

  • Exotic Andhra Pradesh Tours:

    Andhra Pradesh is like an undiscovered journey of beautiful crafts, vibrant festivities, tantalizing delicacies, important architecture and also journey to the rich cultural heritage of India. It is a perfect holiday destination. The places famous in this state are Salar Jung Museum, Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati, Golconda Fort in Hyderabad and Buddhist viharas at Nagarjunasagar and The Charminar. Visiting to this place is anexperience in itself as you can discover the beauty of this state and explore the wildlife and bird sanctuaries