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Mihirgarh – A rural Luxury hotel near Jodhpur

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Mihirgarh Hotel

Like a sophisticated sand castle emerging from the semi-desert wilderness, this architectural wonder was constructed with Jaisalmer sand, cement and brick by the landlords of the adjoining acclaimed heritage palace – Rohet Garh. Overlooking the Thar Desert, the hotel looks like something right out of the fairy tales! A massive structure in the middle of nowhere, the Mihirgarh Hotel exudes royal charm and beauty. Crafted by ingenious minds, Mihirgarh lies just forty five minutes south of Jodhpur. Standing majestically among Marwar’s golden sands, one wouldn’t be wrong in saying that the desert bore the hotel in her womb!

Excellent Amenities for a Relaxed Stay

The Mihirgarh Hotel has nine large guest suites, each extending over 1,700 sq. ft. with outdoor space and private views. Highly spacious as the rooms are, they also feature a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool. Tones, from red to yellow through blue emphasize the traditional furniture. Offering amazing views of the Great Indian Desert, soothing and luxurious suites invite you to meditate and partake in a near-sacred rest. Travellers have a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with their inner selves as they cherish the tranquillity of the Mihirgarh Hotel during their luxury India tour.

The alluring common areas include three courtyards that feature splashing fountains, an infinity pool, a terrace- ideal to catch a glimpse of the sunset and two lounges that promise a relaxing time. The monumental architecture is mainly inspired by the villages lying on Rajasthan’s western side. The magnificent earthen walls with slightly rounded corners and several alcoves along with the huge fireplaces deliver a dreamy look to the hotel.

The common areas and rooms at Mihirgarh Hotel are furnished colourfully and imaginatively using carved wood, Rajasthani antiques, and mirrored and embroidered fabrics. The fireplaces herein are designed by the local women, displaying an outstanding level of workmanship – thanks to the intricate mirror work. While you can indulge your taste buds in international cuisines, nothing will get them going quite as well as some of the local dishes on offer.

Although the hotel is situated in the middle of a desert, activities are aplenty. You can explore the traditional villages in the vicinity and discover the exuberance of the Rajasthani culture. Jeep and horseback safaris are also available for you to visit local villages and participate in opium ceremonies. A wonderful change of scenery from the West, a luxury India tour to the Mihirgarh Palace is perfect for those who want to get away from the hubbubs of daily life and plunge themselves into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

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