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Taj Rambagh Palace – A Luxury Hotel in Jaipur

Taj Rambagh Palace

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Taj Rambagh Palace Jaipur

Jacqueline Kennedy stayed here. So too, Lord Mountbatten and Lady Mountbatten. And Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. And now, you too. The Taj Rambagh Palace. The preferred choice of royalty and all those who wish to taste the royal life. Ranked among the top 50 hotels in Asia, the Taj Rambagh Palace continues its pursuit of wow. Find out why:
8 out of 10 tourists prefer to stay in a hotel that is in close proximity to shopping areas, while the rest prefer that it is close by to historical monuments and tourist hotspots. The Taj Rambagh Palace is not only these but also a few minutes’ drive from the Jaipur international airport (11 km), railway station and bus stand (4 km). So how would you rate it on a scale of 0-5? Our rating: 5.

Indulge. Dream. Live your fantasy. If ever you wanted your own us-time feeling, living, and treated like a king, the Taj Rambagh Palace makes for a perfect fit.
Everything is handpicked, and reveals that the highest attention is paid for the minutest detail, to give you the greatest pleasure. For instance, the Maharani Suite, is truly a romantic dream in rich red brocades with a canopied seating area, while the Maharaja Suites, two adjoining rooms in a simpler style and showcasing, appropriately enough, a king-sized canopied bed, is a perfect ego massage. The standout suite is the Sheesh Mahal, a kaleidoscope of thousands of cut glass pieces around the ceiling and on the walls, each glistening with reflections from the cut glass chandelier.
Happily enough, the Taj Rambagh is not only about paying the due for royal luxury. For example, a sense of grandeur accompanies every stay even in the simpler, more affordable “luxury” rooms, where you even have for yourself your own private terrace.
An architectural masterpiece, Rambagh presents a fine blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture.
Facilities: 3 restaurants; bar; indoor and outdoor pools; golf on request; tennis; health club; outdoor Jacuzzi; spa; concierge; travel desk; car hire; business center; gift shops, boutiques, jewelry store; 24-hr. room service; laundry; doctor-on-call; camel rides; astrologer; buggy rides; polo viewing in season; cultural performances; butler service; badminton; squash court; croquet; table tennis. Rating: 4/5.

Sometimes, a great ambience puts a happy tourist in a quandary. Once inside one of the rooms of the Taj Rambagh, it’s tough to get out! The colonial touch, the electric fireplaces, canopied beds, cushioned window seats, et al deliver a comfy feel that will put you in a comfort zone too difficult to get out of. But if you succeed in putting off the temptations, you have an equally overpowering incentive to stay outdoors! The poolside bar alongside the spa and fitness centre, the awesome palace buildings, are enough to work up an appetite for another lunch. Rating: 4/5.

Here’s what you are going to discover at the Taj Rambagh Palace: You don’t have to be Queen Elizabeth to be treated like a king. For the hotel, all guests are royalty and treated likewise. Imagine a night in a maharaja’s palace. The scent of incense gives the room an atmosphere as exotic as its surroundings. A small fountain gently splashes in the sitting room. In the bedroom, antique carved furniture sets the mood for a romantic evening.
As you hunker down to the Palace, your arrival is announced, nay heralded, by trumpeting elephants and regal camels. Indulge your fantasy and ride atop a caparisoned elephant decorated with flowery designs. When you dismount, you are welcomed by a beautiful woman in traditional Rajasthani style like a king, and draped in marigold garlands while, at your feet, a marigold pattern invites you. Rating: 4.5/5.
The hotel has almost every cuisine you could wish for, and modern conveniences are wonderfully supported by the authentic atmosphere and welcoming staff. Dining at the swish Suvarna Mahal is a veritable feast, and the drinking and dining venue, Steam, which inhabits an old train carriage, is a huge favorite with socialites. Rating: 4/5.

Make sure to stay over here once in your lifetime for the royal experience. Bespoke Luxury india tours includes this hotel in the itinerary to make your tour more special.

Price: Perhaps this is the best part of the Taj Rambagh Palace. It is one of the most expensive hotels in India but totally worth the experience. Rating: 5/5.

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