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Hot Air Balloon Experience in India tours

Hot Air Balloon experience with Bespoke India Holidays

Some things in life cannot be refused, and a thrilling experience of a hot air balloon is one such thing. Such rides are not just for adrenaline junkies; they are ideal for people of all ages. Fear will never stop you to jump into a balloon basket for an adventurous ride. Once you get to know what exactly it feels like to float weightless in the air, you would not mind ignoring the fear of heights and would just jump into the balloon to take a ride. This can be a highlight of your Luxury tour to India.

The experience

Being in a hot air balloon, literally takes you to a great high. Nowadays, it is among the most sought-after adventure forms that people are planning to attempt. It provides breathtaking views from vantage positions. Hot air ballooning also gives you the ability to surrender and let go yourself to the nature and devices of technology entirely. Bespoke India Holidays provides hot air ballooning across different cities today, which is one of the most popular adventure activities. The hot air balloon can be experienced in Jaipur, Agra and Udaipur.

In case you have not experienced a hot air balloon, here is how it feels. The moment the balloon is left from the ground, you feel as if it is a non-moment. The rise is so gentle, so kicking, and so very interesting. You will sense yourself getting steadily raised so silently, and the basket becomes so still that you will have no fear at all. Throw away the fears and get yourself involved in the magical experience of the ecstasy through a hot air balloon ride.

Finding the right hot air balloon in India

Bespoke India Holidays offers the air balloon flights that last for an hour. Due to the sudden demand for air ballooning in India, getting tickets is a bit of a concern; therefore it is better to book at least two weeks in advance. Rajasthan happens to be the most popular place in the country to float a hot air balloon. Bespoke India Holidays’ hot air balloons are taken to the skies everyday over Ranthambore National Park and Udaipur.

The best way of enjoying it is to go for it before the sunrise. Initiate your day during early hours of the day. This helps you to get exposed to strong winds that pick up after the sunrise. You will surely be excited to be at the launch site organized by Bespoke India holidays. Let the sun shine on you. Make sure you observe the sun at the point where there is a horizon, as you are drift silently above the valleys and mountains.

Luxury India Tour experience

Hot air balloon, Luxury India Tour experience

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