Art tours India – Rajasthan, North India and South India


In India, Art and Craft is the handwork of people, done artistically, imparting a touch of elegance and beauty to it. We have been able to represent our Indian culture and tradition through art and craft. Throughout centuries each state in India reflect the influence of different empires

Rajasthan has a very strong hold on rich art and craft due to its rich Rajput family culture. If you visit Rajasthan, then you will find beautiful pottery and well-designed paintings. If given a opportunity do visit any of the Rajasthani house, to find the houses well decorated with handicrafts all over the wall. The fabric colour and rich combination make it look very unique. Kripal Kumbh is one of interesting place to be visited in Jaipur known for its handicrafts. It has both classical pottery designs as well as modern designs to offer you.  Famous blue pottery is one of the uniqueness which defines Kripal Kumbh. Seeing this amazing work you will surely agree that the craft workers don’t see this as their occupation but believe it as mark of rich to their heritage! You can have a visit to beautiful Sanganer Village near Jaipur and see various families engaged in making block prining art, Pottery and other forms of colourful fabrics and art forms.

Art Tours India

Art Tour India in Sanganer Village

Kashmir is another place which has made India popular because of its old age specialization of handicrafts. Being a manufacture of Kashmiri handicrafts, it has so much to flaunt. Whether you want a Kashmiri carpet, well designed shawls, or any other handicrafts, a Kashmiri artisan will show you his artistic skill by craving all those beautiful art and handicraft you want! Due to its popularity, it has created a great market for India giving huge returns in turn.

The other important place is Mandhawa – also known as open art gallery for its havelies and forts painted in colourful art forms depicting stories and ancient life.

Art Tours India

Mandawa Art Form on Havelies


South is no behind in displaying its artistic work and creativeness. Whether it was Mughals, Portuguese, Dutch, French or British ruling South India, everyone have left their style of traditional art and craft . The best places to see art forms in Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. These cities are famous for Sarees and stone sculptures. Mahabalipuram town is knows for its beautiful sculpture making industry and the artisans are still engaged in these activities.

One of the most popular place for the art lovers is which should not be missed during Art tours india is Kala Madhayam. The annual Mela are held towards the end of the year  displaying Bastar metal art figures, black pottery, ceramic and marble sculptures, paintings, jewellery, wall hangings, and clothing. The specialty at Kala Madhyam is wall murals

So whether it is North India or South India, the Indian handicrafts have spilled its magic undoubtedly. For all art lovers we would suggest any of the places mentioned above to be included in India luxury tours. It is believed that these unique arts are very expressive. So don’t forget to ask the amazing story behind every attractive art in India. We ensure you that you will not return empty handed but carry along lots of creativeness in India in the form of art and craft!

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