Alappuzha backwaters tour is its beautiful Kuttanad region

If nature is the only thing you need to recuperate, backpack to Alappuzha and experience a remix of your life and the elements playing in the background to Nature’s very own symphony.

In Alappuzha, the land of sun, sea, sand, beaches and lakes, coastal coves and cashew plantations, churches and palaces, you suddenly discover that amidst all the cornucopia and clutter, you are alone, with your own me-time. You and only you. It’s a trip that you didn’t bargain for, you didn’t pay for, and you didn’t know about.

A million experiences await you here. Now that’s an exaggeration. But one does lose count. Backwater cruises, snake boatraces, palaces, farm tours, eco-tours, boathouse, paddy fields, coconut groves, cashew plantations, parks, waterbodies, bird sanctuaries, trekking pathways, winding walkways, bazaars, ayurvedic centres, health destinations, churches, temples, museums, pictureseque canals, lagoons, beaches, fairs, …. It’s a bit like counting sheep.

Every holiday is a break, while an Alappuzha backwaters tour is a breakaway! Break away from the humdrum, the routine, and the normal, for an experience that has the flavor of the east. Or rather, the Venice of the East, as Alappuzha is called.

The backwaters experience in Alappuzha, takes you through a bewildering labyrinth of shimmering waterways composed of beautiful lakes, rivers, lagoons, canals, and innumerable rivulets.

One of the distinct features of Alappuzha backwaters is its beautiful Kuttanad region, known for its innumerable waterways and lush green surroundings of paddy fields. So unique are the lush landscape of Kuttanad backwaters that a houseboat trip is simply irresistible.

Thousands of tourists take a boat to experience Alleppey – living it out on a luxurious houseboat on the serene backwaters serenading Kuttanad, through palm-fringed narrow canals winding through the vast expanse of lush paddy fields and the unique tiny hamlets lined up all along the edges of the waterways. Spot a variety of water birds and wild animals on the edges of the canals and see villagers engaged in coir making and waving at you as you pass by. Including this destination in your luxury Kerala tour would be a great experience.

And during the festive Onam season in Alleppey, all roads – or should we say, rivers – lead to the annual Snake Boat Races. The Nehru Trophy is Alappuzha’s very own version of IPL, with giant snake boats racing jaw to jaw, egged on by an enthusiastic crowd as colorful as cricket’s cheergirls.

Getting there:
Nearest railway station: Alappuzha.
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery, about 85 km from Alappuzha.

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