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Our Policies

  • E-mail policy
  • Contact Details Policy
  • Anti SPAM policy
  • Hotel Sourcing Policy
  • Sightseeing Guides and Transport Service providers
  • Taxes
  • Payments
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Reservation and Booking process
  • Deficiency of Service
  • Disclaimer of Liability

Our principal mode of communication is e-mail. All e-mails will be answered on the same day or within a few working hours. We operate 24x7 to serve clients across all geographies and our endeavor is to answer the mails as soon as possible. Our emails are short and crisp and have attachments only if required.

We completely appreciate the privacy of the clients and the trust that clients entrust upon us. So as a matter of our contact management policy, under no circumstances will the contact details be divulged to anyone

Emails would be sent as a form of communication for a particular tour only. No unnecessary emails will be sent to you in the form of newsletters. We though will keep you updated on the promotions/ offers/ seasons destinations only if you wish. If you have concerns regarding receiving such promotional emails then we will discontinue sending the same to you.

We have selected the hotels that have a certain charm and value for a certain segment of guests. We have selected the hotels on the basis of reviews from our partners and have personally visited most of them. We follow a highly sophisticated model to select the hotels (The parameters that are taken into consideration for selecting a hotel are service, cost, cleanliness, location, food and additional value-adds.)

We expressly exclude all hotel options that have suspect management practices, absurdly high tariffs, inappropriate location and not have a very conducive hotel atmosphere

The guides and tour managers have been handpicked by us and all of them are government approved. These guides have expert knowledge about local culture and history. The transport options have been selected and are best in the industry. Each of the vehicles meets the transport safety standards, and is in top condition. The chauffeurs speak good English and are government approved as well.

We do not levy any additional taxes for transactions. Although as per government of India policies following taxes apply:

1) 9% on Hotel reservations,

2) 9% on transport reservations and

3) 9% on package reservations involving both hotels and transport ( The taxes change every year and the changes are generally announced in the month of February in the Union Budget by the Finance Ministry, Government of India)

The principal mode of payment is through CCAvenues payment gateway and you can pay through PayPal only if your arrival date is within 45 days of your payment.You can also do a wire transfer at our account if you wish. All our payment mechanisms are verified by Verisign and CCavenues. For details on these you can visit The service charges for any of the transactions have to be borne by the customer.

1) 45 Days or more from date of arrival - 25% of Trip Amount is cancellation charge.

2) 44-30 Days from date of arrival - 60% of Trip Amount is cancellation charge.

3) 29-15 Days from date of arrival - 75% of Trip Amount is cancellation charge.

4) 15 Days or less from date of arrival - 100% of Trip Amount is cancellation charge.

Please note that the above cancellation policy may vary depending on hotels selected and period of travel. Please contact our travel advisors to know the exact cancellation policy pertaining to your bespoke trip

1) Once you confirm the tour over email, we first book the Hotel rooms as per itinerary. The process may take 24-48 working hours

2) We then send hotel confirmation details over email. We also send invoice and Credit card payment link for deposit payment (25%) to your email. (We accept all international Credit cards viz. American Express, MasterCard, VISA and also bank transfers)

3) Upon receipt of hotel confirmation and invoice, you make the deposit payment. You can make the balance payment 45 Days before arrival.

4) After we receive the payment, we book internal flights (if any) and other components of trip. (A separate email asking for passport details is sent to book these)

We take your holidays seriously and are responsible for the service. However in case any shortfall in services (as against what is promised or what can be reasonably expected for such a service) by any hotel or service provider is established, we would stand responsible for making appropriate refunds. (The prerogative of deciding the extent of refunds lies on our service management team)

We are not responsible for claims for injuries or losses a client might incur while traveling, as a result of accident while performing any of the adventure activities, transport or any activity while on travel. We are not responsible for any losses due to theft or any personal losses suffered by the client (The losses may be personal in nature or involve money.)