A tree-house experience is virgin, unexplored, and totally drawn from nature

A holiday is a time to be what you are not, and do what you haven’t. How about a boot-camp in a tree-house? In Wayanad, Kerala, it’s the hottest holiday option. A tree-house experience is virgin, unexplored, and totally drawn from nature. Surrounded by swathes of coffee, tea, pepper and cardamom plantations, bathed in aromatic scented blossoms, the hottest address in Wayanad is yours for keeps: on a tree-top in the deeps of a tropical rainforest. To get to your “house” you use an indigenous cane-lift. This lift is a far cry from the Otis you use at home; it is a large cane basket acting as a suspension bridge that takes you to your Tree-House, 86 feet above the ground.
To explore the open spaces, you use the hanging rope bridge that connects one tree to another. Solar power, organically grown vegetables, and kerosene-lit lamps, color you green. The tree houses are made of wood, coir mats, hay straws, bamboo poles and built in a cottage style, but are well equipped with modern facilities and amenities like beds, bathrooms with running water and shower. Every room is a room with a view that’s a treat for your eyes.
And for your eternal delight, Nature displays in full bloom, a never-before seen variety of bees, trees, mosses, plants, butterflies, birds, flora and fauna, domesticated and wild, humming, buzzing and singing, in an orchestra performed to perfection, for an Audience of One.
The menu is North-Kerala, and prepared and served in centuries old fashion. To work off your lunch and develop an appetite for a more scrumptious dinner, you have a range of walking and hiking trails, boating, and a guided tour of the forest. Wayanad is about doing nothing, to derive everything about a great holiday.

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