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Sula Vineyard Visit
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Sula Vinayards is one of the premium and largest producer of Indian Wines. 

Enjoy the Wine Tour aand have an all-access tour of the winery with a knowledgeable guide who will take you back to Sula’s early years as well as every step along the way in the making of your favourite wines. Tours take place every hour, and end with a personalized wine tasting at The Tasting Cellar where the team will take you through the five steps of tasting wines. Tours and Tastings are conducted Every Day, throughout the year. Except Dry Days. Tours & Tastings are held every hour from 11:30am to 6:30pm of the week.

Cost of the trip inclusing transportation from hotel is USD 37 per person ( Total Tour Duration is 2.5 Hours)

Dry Day Calender of 2017

Sr No Day Date Occasion
1 Thursday 26th January Republic Day
2 Monday 30th January Hutatma Din
3 Friday 17th March Rangapanchami
4 Friday 14th April Ambedkar Jayanti
5 Monday 1st May Maharashtra Din
6 Tuesday 4th July Ashadhi Ekadashi
7 Tuesday 15th August Independence Day
8 Tuesday 5th September Anant Chaturdashi
9 Monday 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti
10 Sunday 8th October End of Gandhi Saptah
11 Tuesday 31st October Kartiki Ekadashi